Addictive Disorders Services

Individual, Group and Family

We provide counselling services for individuals and families challenged by issues of addiction. Specifically, Substance use disorders and Gambling related problems. Services begin with screening, intake, orientation and assessment and upon completion of these sessions we then engage in treatment planning and counselling. Individual counselling sessions last from anywhere between 8-12 sessions. Individuals with gambling related problems are encouraged to make contact with Gamblers Anonymous for group type activities as RISE Life will facilitate the one on one counselling sessions. 

We offer group and one on one counselling for adolescents faced with both gambling and/or substance use issues. Our programme for adolescents with substance use issues takes place on a Saturday and represents a day programme that operates from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.  Activities within this programme comprises of psycho educational and therapeutic group sessions as well as drug testing and other life and social skill activity. Drug testing is also a major component of our regime and all clients are required to comply with our urine screening policy. 

We recognize addiction as a family disease, so we place great emphasis on providing counselling services for family members as well. Family members are met with both at a group and individual level.  Specifically family members of our adolescent clients are invited to our family activity day held on the third Saturday of every month. 

Our Telephone lifeline counseling services, offering counseling, referral and information with reference addiction issues operates from 8:30 am through 12 midnight, 7 days per week.   The toll free number for that service is 1888-991-4146

We also provide interventions for families who have members that are in denial about the deleterious effects of their drug use and effect on the family. RISE Life will provide a pre-intervention session at which point family members will be engaged in the do's and don'ts of the intervention. It is almost a practice run through which family members create the speeches or dialogue that they will use in the actual intervention. RISE Life will facilitate the intervention which is essentially a confrontation of the drug user and an offer given to get treatment following which consequences based upon the decision made are issued. 


Training & Education 

RISE provides workshops specific to substance use disorders and gambling related issues. These workshops cover both prevention and treatment issues in the abovementioned areas. We facilitate workshops with Peer Educators and Guidance Counselors as well as well as other mental health practitioners and gaming lounge staff. Under the gambling prevention and treatment project guidance counselors have been engaged in the following topics:

  1. Gambling Disorders Diagnosis & Assessment 
  2. Prevention Techniques 
  3. Adolescent Problem Gambling 
  4. Fundamentals of Gambling disorders 
  5. Co-morbidity 

Similarly under the Substance Use Prevention project counselors have been engaged in:

  1. The Fundamentals of Addictions
  2. Adolescent Development 
  3. Adolescent Substance Use issues
  4. Treatment Modalities
  5. Models of Addiction
  6. Evidence based best practices in Adolescent Treatment 
  7. Diagnosis and Assessment 



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