Responsible Gaming

Over the past 15 years the promotion and proliferation of gaming facilities and opportunities within our society has certainly changed the betting landscape in Jamaica.  With the increase in availability and frequency of gaming opportunities as well as modes to bet, this exponential expansion of the industry has the capacity to increase the likelihood of Jamaicans developing gambling related disorders, especially among the vulnerable and susceptible within our society.   RISE Life Management Services, for the past 13 years, through the support of the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission, operates the only comprehensive programme for individuals with gambling related problems in Jamaica and the English-speaking Caribbean.  The significant components of the project are Gambling Prevention Education for school based youth , Responsible Gaming Training for Gaming Lounge Staff, Treatment Services for those afflicted with a gambling disorder  and a Voluntary Self Exclusion Programme which allows persons to ban themselves from entering our Gaming Lounges.

2017-2018 Impact

1. Over 15,200 Jamaicans engaged with our services 2017-18. This figure represents the highest
number in the programmes history.

2. 14,600 school-based youth sensitized about the consequences of underage gambling

3. All Gaming Lounge staff island wide (over 400) trained in responsible gaming principles (annual
activity – condition of license)

4. Trained 250 Guidance Counsellors and Peer Educators island wide in underage gambling
prevention skills.

5. Maintenance and upgrade of Voluntary Self Exclusion Programme. Gaming Lounge patrons
may voluntarily request a ban for all gaming lounges island wide for a specific period from 3
months to a lifetime ban. National registry now allows Responsible Gaming Ambassadors
located at the gaming lounges to monitor and engage with the programme island wide and
effect these bans which help patrons deal with gambling related issues.

6. Three Newsletters produced highlighting the programme and responsible gaming in Jamaica.
An additional newsletter to be published in August 2018.

7. Provided Treatment Services for persons and family members having gambling related issues.

8. Participated with the BGLC in their national town hall meetings held island wide. Providing
information re responsible gaming, training and gambling prevention education.

9. Toll Free Telephone Lifeline Counselling Services for gambling related issues available 24hrs
island wide.

10. Responsible Gaming support services provided to under 19 gaming machine facilities. Under
the new code of conduct all gaming industry participants must be involved in responsible
gaming albeit at varying levels. RISE has been working with a number of these facilities.

11. Provided information re gambling disorders and responsible gaming to students of both
secondary and tertiary institutions.