About Us

RISE Life Management Services is a Jamaican civil society organization established in 1989 as Addiction Alert, offering the island’s first outpatient treatment center for addictive disorder. To reflect Jamaica’s Vision 2030 and the evolving needs of the nation’s at-risk population, the organization expanded its programmes and changes its name to RISE Life Management Services in 2005. RISE is an acronym for “Reaching Individuals through Skills and Education”.

As RISE continues to evolve in Jamaica’s changing social and economic environment, we are:

Stronger Together:

To support and engage Jamaica’s non-governmental sector.

  • Strengthen the civil society organization (CSO) network and community partners through capacity building and support services.
  • Engage in knowledge and information sharing of best practices and lessons learned.
  • Prioritize advocacy where it matters most – in realms where policy decisions impact Jamaica’s most vulnerable populations.

Strengthening RISE’s Capacity:

Through innovative strategies for sustainable transformation.

  • Boost RISE’s internal capacity to increase efficiency and performance.
  • Achieve sustainability by diversifying and increasing funding streams, including establishing social enterprises.

Our organization and its people exemplify what it means to have the “RISE Advantage”, a commitment to excellence, programmes and service delivery standards, and our core values:


We provide a respectful and inclusive environment where community members can access equal opportunities and confidential services.


We believe that accountability, honesty, and sobriety are the hallmarks of professionalism.


We are a dynamic team working in solidarity with stakeholders and community partners to change lives for the better.


We demonstrate compassion and empathy through culturally sensitive interventions that are driven by the needs of vulnerable populations. 

Our Goals

Goal 1

To be the premier social development civil society organization (CSO) in Jamaica, designing and implementing effective programmes for at-risk children, youth and families, particularly in vulnerable communities.

Goal 2

To contribute to the strengthening of the CSO sector through enhanced advocacy, capacity building, and relevant support services.

Goal 3

To provide prevention, treatment, and intervention services for substance misuse and gambling disorders, including the telephone life service for targeted populations.

Goal 4

To diversify funding streams through a combination of grant funded projects, donations, and Employee Assistance Programmes and other social enterprises to ensure financial sustainability for RISE.

Goal 5

To grow, promote, and strengthen the RISE brand through increased public visability.