Summer Camp 2010

I worked as an assistant on the RISE Summer Camp 2010 and JSIF  Summer Camp 2010 Programmes. The RISE Summer Camp 2010 is an annual camp which is held to help young individuals build friendships, to develop leadership skills and life skills. I particularly learnt how to use these qualities in my daily lifestyle choices. The JSIF Summer Camp 2010 was similar in goals with a slight twist. This camp was hosted to facilitate the individuals who were affected by the recent unrest in Western Kingston. My experience on this camp was interesting, as an assistance. I had various responsibilities to fulfill. There were times when I felt tired and frustrated but for most part assisting the young people brought joy to my heart. The camp had many activities each day. For example, family group sessions; this is where the assistants along with the group member/participants meet discuss a range of upcoming events, daily occurrences in their communities. The family fun day was another appealing activity held. This is where the participants compete against each other in Netball and Football competitions. After playing, they were rewarded with prizes and refreshments. At the end of both camps the participants were taken on a field trip to Topioca Village in St. Mary


Kacy Ann Jones