My Time at AAO

My days at AAO was a fulfilling one, being a part of a vibrant, intelligent and hard working bunch of super people. I came to the organization as a teen mom not sure of what I wanted to do at the time. When I was introduced to the performing arts, which I still actively take part in. I had dropped out of school at the age of 16 and AAO had given me an opportunity to take my SSCs and CXCs. Those evening classes really paid off. I love going on excursions with the youth from different inner city communities it was fun. How could I forget...shooting those videos for the manual. I enjoyed every moment there. Thanks to Mrs. Lopez, for opening doors for me and giving me a chance to shine in my darkest moment.

Now I attend the Fellowship Tabernacle Portmore Church. I work at the church office part time as a receptionist. I enroll in the Whole life Bible College doing a 6 months certificate course.I am a Sunday school teacher and a leader in other ministry areas, also a mentor for the youth at my church called GNEX (Generation Next). I am still a part of the performing arts in the area of dance and drama. My life will forever be a testimony to all who will listen.

Letisha Scottland