Family and Friends

My name is Cindy Stephanie Harris. I am a 21 year old young lady living in the inner-city community of Parade Gardens located in Central Kingston. I am a part of a nuclear family with three other siblings. I am a very confident and self-motivated individual who strives for nothing less of excellence. I am very dedicated and I take every task given to me very seriously. However, these positive attributes were not gained through only self effort, but through several reputable organizations. The one which stands out the most in my life is RISE Life Management Services.

I first enrolled in RISE Life at the tender age of nine years. At this time I was going through the most difficult years of my life. I was moving from house to house from one parent to the other. I had no stability in my life and thus I felt I had no loyalty to anyone but myself. I felt that no one cared about me and that the only person that was looking out for me was me. Then I joined RISE and I found people there who care about me and who noticed when I was not there. That had never happened to me before because everyone I  knew were too busy with their own lives to see me. RISE Life gave me a family and friends and the confidence to be all that I could be. Because of the influence of RISE Life I became empowered and the warrior in me learnt to trust other people.

My life has been filled with achievements and happiness. I have 16 subjects, a number of awards from my previous schools and the wider community. I won the prestigious Governor General Award for Excellence; I was one out of two girls to receive the first award ever given to girl at St. George's College. RISE Life brought me to the man I intend to marry and friends I intend to keep for a lifetime. RISE Life has been through all my ups and downs and they have never judged me. I have been able to grow and find myself at RISE Life and though the faces have changed the positive work that this organizations has done in so many lives will never change. 

I thank you RISE Life for being me Friend and my family when all I had was me. I will never be able to repay you, but I promise to keep on being the strong, ambitious, open, confident fighter that you thought me to be.