More Change

There we saw more changes in his behaviour. When I forget that he should go by RISE he would remind me. At times he would even head off to the office by himself and I would get a call that he is there. RISE Life Management Services SYMBA programme has taught him how to be a better reader, how to manage conflicts, not to fight, proper hygiene practices ( grooming altogether ) and he has even received rewards for his good behaviours and he is now attending Penwood High School.                                                                                         RISE teaches him tolerance and helps him to realise his wrong doings. Thanks to RISE, he is more aware of what he wants out of life. Thanks to Rise for accepting him even though it cause the teachers pain at times and for making the effort in working with both of us to see a better child and a better parent. It is good that this programme has made it possible for parents like myself to voice what we are going through and gives closure most of the time to issues that affect us and that is because we have someone to talk to which releases our burdens.I lift my hat to you RISE as an organization which helps people to become better persons and teaches us to live among each other even if we are from different communities, different creed and different races. Thanks again RISE. I’ve seen a change by you!

Mother, Towerhill Community