Employee Assistance Programmes

RISE’s Employee Assistance Programme is a prepaid, confidential counselling and referral resource that can help employees and their household members successfully deal with life’s challenges.

Our EAP also provides consultation and support to supervisors who have employees with job performance and/or behavioral problems.


  • Internationally accepted statistics indicate that 20% of any work group, at any given time is dysfunctional due to a host of causes such as:

      Physically – Mentally – Emotionally

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression - Mental health, Physical symptoms, Marriage breakdown, Family crisis, Financial problems, Alcoholism, Substance use disorders, Gambling disorders, etc.
  • Provides employees and family members with professional assistance for resolving personal problems.
  • Enables supervisors or managers to remain focused on maintaining the best workplace   performance.
  • Reduces health care cost and absenteeism


Employees that recognize and get help for their problems:

  •  Experience less stress
  •  Fewer physical problems
  •  Less marriage failures
  •  Have less work related problems
  •  Have fewer financial problems
  •  In Short “They Enjoy a Better Quality of Life”
  • Mentally and physically healthy employees are very productive and valuable assets to any organization.

Through our Employee Assistance Programme we also facilitate sessions on managing stress, dealing with change, work and life balance and a few other relevant topics.