Youth Leadership Training

RISE’s Youth Leadership Training Programme is designed for at-risk youth ages 15-18 years living in volatile inner-city communities. RISE utilises EIC methodology to engage youth – Excitement, Involvement, and Commitment. Through the use of the performing arts (drama, music, and dance) and other culturally appropriate and youth friendly strategies, RISE seeks to first excite young people, offering them an alternative activity to crime, drugs and unhealthy behaviours. Through Life Skills education training utilising music and drama, role plays, discussion, RISE involves young people in the decision making process about their future and the future of their communities. Finally, RISE works with community youth to set up youth based organizations and transfers skills and capacity to administer those organizations to impact the lives of other youth in their communities.
RISE, additionally, has a cadre of youth trained in the use of the performing arts who have developed short, interactive and dramatic musical productions for presentation at social functions and events.

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