Life Management Services

RISE Kidz Club

The purpose of the RISE Kidz Club is to provide an opportunity for Approximately 320 children ages 9 – 14 years to participate in supervised recreational, educational and social activities in a safe and wholesome environment. It further enables them to learn the importance of leadership and the necessity of self control.  

Remedial education is provided to improve literacy and numeracy and prepare children for GSAT exams.

Life and Social Skills Education

Sessions are held once each week in all communities. The sessions focus on adolescent development and community outreach. The sessions are usually fun, educational and interactive and use games, discussions and performing arts to engage participants. Sessions are delivered by RISE Youth Development Officers and trained Community Assistants. 

Sports, Performing and Creative Arts

Incentive Based Behaviour Modification Programme seeks to re-enforce targeted desirable behaviours and reduce targeted undesirable behaviours through the offer of incentives to participants who display most desirable  behaviours during selected periods. 

Youth Leadership Training Programme

This Programme was created as a transitional programme for participants who completed the adolescent programmes and are not able to fully matriculate to the adult programme. Approximately 250 youth from six communities participate in the training programme weekly. The training programme is geared toward engaging youth in positive activities and providing them with alternatives to Crime and Violence, Drug Abuse, and other unhealthy activities. Participants receive training in Conflict Resolution, Crime & Violence, Drug Abuse prevention, Goal Setting, Personal Development, Youth Advocacy, Employability and Entrepreneurship. Through this programme, eight youth clubs have been established in the six communities. These clubs have elected leadership executives including a President, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer. The mandate for the clubs is to build capacity through continued engagement of unattached youth in their communities and working with other community based organizations to ensure sustainable youth and community development.

A Social Enterprise has been developed which will further enhance employment for our youth entrepreneurs and provide a sustainable source of revenue for RISE.   Our products focus on the environment through use of recycled tyres, plastic and glass in production of marketable garden planters and jewelry.