Gambling Prevention Programme

A significant aspect of our programme is the prevention of gambling among youth, and in particular school aged adolescents. As a result of our findings through the Jamaica Child and Adolescent Gambling Survey 2007, we created an eight week lesson plan aimed at ensuring greater awareness among adolescents about the dangers of underage gambling as well as how to make good decisions based on an understanding of our values and influences us. This programme is initiated in the Primary School setting in grades five and six. Facilitators are required to initiate pre and post test with all students in order to evaluate the learning experience. 

At the end of each series of lesson plans the students are asked to create a poster or write an essay based on the theme "Adolescents in School Gambling is against the Rule". The posters/essays can be used to help to determine what themes have stood out as significant to the students.

As another impactful tool in our youth gambling prevention mechanism, we have taken this poster competition island-wide, recognized as the Youth Gambling Prevention All Island Poster Competition. To date we have had eight competitions with very good results. This competition is sponsored by Supreme Ventures                                            

In keeping with our theme of prevention we also provide presentations to Parent Teachers Association as well as community and social groups. This solidifies our thrust to engage all agents of socialization that influence the development of our youth.

Areas covered in the lesson plan include: understanding addiction, gambling behaviour, probability and randomness, values clarification and goal setting etc. 

Training & Workshops 


      Since the inception of this aspect of our programme in 2005, we have initiated and completed numerous training sessions/workshops on an annual basis with our major stakeholders, guidance counsellors in schools. In 2007 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education with regard to collaborating on services that provided prevention and treatment opportunities to youth as it relates to gambling. 

    To date we have trained over 1000 guidance counsellors and 300 peer counsellors themes ranging from problem gambling to drug use prevention.

Gambling Seven Year Report: 2005 - 2012

     The proliferation of gaming facilities and opportunities within our society over the past 10 years is patently obvious.  This exponential expansion in the industry will no doubt initiate and progress the development of the disorder of pathological/problem gambling among the vulnerable and susceptible within our fragile society as evidenced by the increase in numbers annually among individuals seeking help for gambling related issues. RISE Life Management Services operates the only comprehensive programme for individuals with gambling related problems in Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean.  This project must continue to provide the requisite support services that it does to the growing gaming industry...