About Us

RISE Life Management Services is a non-governmental organization, established in Jamaica in 1989 as Addiction Alert. The organization operated the island's first outpatient treatment center for addictive disorders. However, over the years the direction and focus of its programmes were reviewed and adjusted in order to meet the current needs of the young at-risk population in Jamaica, particularly those living in inner-city communities. In order to reflect these developments, the organization changed its name to RISE Life Management Services. RISE is an acronym for Reaching Individuals through Skills and Education.

Services offered by RISE includes the prevention and treatment of addictive disorders; community-based health and education interventions i.e violence, drug, and HIV/AIDS prevention programmes for at-risk youth and family members; remedial educational programmes; life skills training, parenting programmes, social and health related services and HEART/NTA accredited vocational skills training. These interventions take place in some of Kingston's most volatile inner-city communities.


Though the majority of projects undertaken by RISE are focused on the corporate area, namely Kingston and St Andrew, we do have programmes that engage participants all across the island.   Within Kingston and St Andrew RISE is engaged with participants from Majestic Gardens, Parade Gardens, Allman Town, Campbell Town, Fletchers Land, Tower Hill, Drewsland and Waterhouse.  Outside of Kingston and St Andrew RISE’s Addiction Prevention and Treatment Unit has a presence in other parishes.   In particular the Addiction Prevention and Treatment Unit has engaged in training in every parish on the island.   Currently, RISE’s Maternal Health Project (PROMAC) supported by the European Union, currently engages participants from Church Corner in St Thomas.